Bill Deering's 92nd Birthday
Announcing, Dr. William J. Deering
of 423 Hancock St., Bangor turns 92
on Thursday, March 29th. Happy Birthday!
Posted March 24, 2018
March 23 & 24, 9 am-3 pm
Apostolic Lighthouse Church 517 Hammond, Bangor. For a table, call Linda 385-6910.
Posted March 23, 2018
Shoestring Thrift Shop
10 Brimmer St., Brewer
50% off Sale now through April 7th
Open 10am to 3pm, Wed.-Sat. 745-7208
Posted March 20, 2018
Silver/Green/Blue Earring
Found downtown Bangor on bridge bet. Mexicali Blues & Bangor Savings Bank (Hammond/State St). More
Posted March 20, 2018
Ladies' Sterling Silver ring
found at Stillwater convenience store. Square green stone. Personalized on inside of band. tel: 827-4811 More
Posted March 20, 2018
Happy 59th Birthday Greg!
We love you so much and are so grateful to have you as our own Daddy.
Elody, Gregory and Abby
Posted March 19, 2018
HOME Inc., a nonprofit in Orland, is looking for donations to send to our sister community Emmaus San Juan, located in a small Mayan town in the mountains of Guatemala which will benefit the people there. Suggested donation items are: Tools - especially gardening and carpentry, Bicycles,... More
Posted March 17, 2018
hives & equipment for sale, pollination services, bee removals, beekeeping training by The Bee Whisperer. (207) 299-6948. More
Posted February 15, 2018
Springtime Truck and Tractor Show. 2018 Acts of Kindness Donation Drawing
Win This B-61 Mack or Cash Prizes 100.00 Dollar Donation to Enter,220 Chances
24 West Old Main Road,Lowell,Maine 04493
For More Info Call Doug at (207) 356-2237

Show/Drawing date May 26th
Posted December 01, 2017